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Pellet heating Biodom

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Pellet heating Biodom

Pellet heating Biodom
Hrpelje 14a
6240 Kozina

tel: 00 386 5 680 14 56

Pellet heating Biodom

BIODOM27 d.o.o. and GIPO d.o.o., entered the market with an alternative to heating oil. Their goal was to lower CO2 emissions and heating costs.

In the years 2000-2001, the boiler manufacturer BIODOM 27 d.o.o. developed a modern pellet boiler with a nominal efficiency of 94%. Heating with pellets is ecologically friendlier and cheaper than heating with other types of fuels. The boiler itself operates just like a boiler that uses heating oil, automatically adjusting heat output based on current needs. The boiler's size and mode of operation allows it to be installed in any room. The power of all auxiliary boiler devices is 53 W.

Heat produced using pellets is approximately 35% cheaper than heat produced using heating oil. You won't just save money, you'll also protect the environment.

If we assume that boilers using heating oil and pellets have identical efficiency, a comparison of price and energy output shows the following:

Price comparison (fuel prices from December 1, 2008):
1 liter of heating oil = 0.643 EUR
1 tonne of pellets = 235 EUR (including VAT and delivery)
1 liter of heating oil = 10 kWh
1 kg of pellets = 5 kWh
1 liter of heating oil = 2 kg of pellets
2500 liters of heating oil = 1600 EUR
5000 kg of pellets = 1050 EUR
Save 432.50 EUR per season.

All products are Slovenian in origin: BIODOM 27 boiler - Kozina, pellets - Pivka.


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Company title: Biodom 27 d.o.o., Hrpelje 14a, 6240 Kozina

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